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What you need to know before buying a new soldering iron

One of the tools that cannot be missed in any electrical hobbyists arsenal is the soldering iron, especially if you often work with wires or circuits, then you can’t live without one of these. Although it is a fairly straight forward and basic tool there are some things you must know before you buy. There are also a lot of different options out there when it comes to picking one. If you’re just getting started with this great hobby – then opt for a cheap soldering iron. Otherwise, if you’re a professional you’ll want a very high quality station with temp control and all of the additional features that the more expensive products tend to come with. Because there are so many choices in this area it’s always a great idea to absorb as much information as you can before you spend any money on a product. So let’s go over some of the key points!

The design of the soldering iron

This is a crucial element to consider. The way in which your tool is designed will determine whether it can get the job done perfectly for your project. The most basic type of soldering iron is known as a “soldering pencil“, this is the cheapest type but also the least capable as it doesn’t have any form of temperature control. There are also soldering stations, these are probably the most common. The soldering stations from well known brands like weller are very well built. Soldering stations feature a stand where you can put the iron while it’s hot. They also have adjustable temperature controls which is necessary when working with different materials. The heat-up time is often extremely fast, and this is a feature you should bear in mind as it can save you a lot of head ache down the road.


Overall, my favorite soldering iron is the weller wlc 100 – check it out here. It has got a fantastic reputation within the electronics community. It also comes with a pretty good warranty, so if anything does go wrong you’re safe knowing that you can get a replacement.