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Best Small Drill Press

The small drill press is a mini version of the regular drill. It’s used mostly in crafts and for working with small items like pieces of jewellery or circuit boards. So if you look around your house right now, it is quite likely you will see more than one item that was made with the help of a small drill press. Getting the best small drill press is not always as easy as it might seem, as there are a vast number of different choices on the market. For bigger jobs a mini/small drill press simply isn’t suitable as they can’t handle large objects, so bear that in mind before you buy one.

Because our aim is to help you to find the best small drill press available, we have created this list of top things to consider before you buy. You should think about how often you will use the tool, and if it will need to be durable and long lasting. You should also think about whether or not such a small drill press will have the power required to get your job done. If it’s just for DIY use with hobbies like jewellery then you should be fine. Also think about the chuck capacity. This is an important detail that some people have been known to miss. The chuck capacity is important because it determines the size of holes you can drill. Let’s take a look at some more pros and cons of the small drill press. The main positive is simply that it is extremely portable – it’s easy as to take from place to place. It’s also great at drilling extremely small delicate holes, because of its precise drilling mechanism. The main negative of tools of this nature are that they’re so tiny. This can also be a pro depending on what type of drilling you do, but just be careful because they can’t drill holes in things that are even average sized. Thanks for reading this guide, we hope you learned something useful.