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The Bench Grinder – What you need to know

Bench grinders are, put simply, a “must have” tool. Anyone who is interested in grinding metal for their job or hobby aught to have one. If you don’t already own one, but intend to buy one soon, then read on. There are some import things you must consider to buy the best bench grinder, and we will go over our list of the top considerations. Ideally after reading this article you will be well prepared to get the best value for your money when you go shopping!


Top Things to Consider

Buy from a reputable manufacturer

To make sure that you’re purchasing a good grinder you should check out some bench grinder reviews. Also see what the general consensus is around the brand you’re considering to buy from. It’s a good idea to look at online forums in the DIY niche for this type of information. A well known brand like SKIL is usually a good choice, since they’ve been around and making quality tools for quite a while. Overall the key thing to be aware of is that you get what you pay for, so don’t expect the world if buy something very cheap!

How Much Power do you need?

Bench grinders come with varying levels of power. How much power you need depends on the type of job you need it for. For the lighter tasks just about anything on the market will be absolutely fine. If you’re looking at a higher end machine for more demanding tasks you should go for the most horsepower available. As well as power, speed is important. Now days most bench grinders have adjustable speed, so it’s not an issue. Another concern that is just as important as speed is the type of grinding wheel. However, it should be noted that regardless of whatever type of grinding wheel it comes with you can always install a new one later. The different types of grinding wheels basically differ in that some are more coarse/rough than others. If you’re not sure which you’ll need, don’t worry too much, they’re easy to replace and cheap to buy.

Is a built-in light needed?

If you’re working in a dimly lit area you will need some kind of light source to brighten it up. Some people use a dedicated LED light for this, but a better option is actually to use the lights built in with the grinder. It helps keep the spot your grinding very well lit and visible.

Does it come with a good Warranty?

Even high quality bench grinders occasionally come with faults.  As mentioned above, buying from a good brand will mitigate this risk to a degree. Though, it’s still a good idea to get one with a good warranty!