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Guide to choosing the best drill press

There are several factors one should consider before buying a drill press. you might want to take multiple trips to the hardware store before you make the decision. When I bought mine i took many trips to various shops to find the best price machine that I could (while still getting a high quality drill press). It’s good to get some hands on experience looking at them before you buy, as online all you can …

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The best hand saw for wood workers – What you need to know

A lot of the time when you need to saw through some wood you would reach for a power tool, something thing with a motor to make the work easier and quicker for you. However there are times when you need a hand saw instead. There are numerous advantages that a handsaw has over bulky power tools. A lot of people like handsaws for jobs that require high levels of precision and accuracy that you …

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The Bench Grinder – What you need to know

Bench grinders are, put simply, a “must have” tool. Anyone who is interested in grinding metal for their job or hobby aught to have one. If you don’t already own one, but intend to buy one soon, then read on. There are some import things you must consider to buy the best bench grinder, and we will go over our list of the top considerations. Ideally after reading this article you will be well prepared …

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Easy-to-Understand Basics of Excel

This is a brief yet concrete introduction to the world of Excel. This list should be helpful when you’re just getting started using excel. You can use it to create a foundation upon which you will further build your knowledge (with additional study).

Basics Overview:


  • MS EXCEL is used for calculations, databases, and to create reports, etc. that contain numerical data.
  • An Excel worksheet is divided into cells.
  • Each cell is identified by
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What you need to know before buying a new soldering iron

One of the tools that cannot be missed in any electrical hobbyists arsenal is the soldering iron, especially if you often work with wires or circuits, then you can’t live without one of these. Although it is a fairly straight forward and basic tool there are some things you must know before you buy. There are also a lot of different options out there when it comes to picking one. If you’re just getting …

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Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Professional Charcoal Drawing Out of Any Photo

What many people do not know is that Photoshop just is not for photographs anymore. It can also be used for creating fun, original, and unique drawings. So in this tutorial you will learn to do just that: create drawings out of photos! Specifically in this Photoshop tutorial, we will be creating charcoal drawings. Often charcoal drawings can be very abstract, even portraits, but Photoshop allows us less talented people to create a gorgeous charcoal …